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Regretless Reflections


     First semester freshmen year has reflected many meaningful things. My past as well as present writings show the improvements WISE has help make in them. There are many things that I felt very unconfident about when I first encountered the assignments.  As time continued to press forward I became more comfortable with what I was doing. My first semester of Composition has turned out to be an extremely rewarding one. My skill as a writer has improved tremendously. Of the many assignments assigned there are three that serve as the most notable to me; the Film Critique, peer interview, and the most difficult one, the Cultural Analysis. The transformations of my writing skills have been displayed tremendously through these three specific papers.

     The first assignment was an interview that was conducted throughout the class. The objective was to get to know fellow classmate while at the same time learning how to gain art factual facts about the person. This assignment was important to as well because it showed everyone how to look deeper into questions instead of simply there surface answer. I was able to learn about one of my classmates that I probably would have never spoken to. I became informed on things that were important to her and some of her most prized possessions. I was able to look at her for more than the image she embodied. I was able to understand her more as the person she is. From this particular paper I became more informed how we often look at a person and automatically assume their life story, yet we fail to realize a glimpse can be the most insufficient thing life can offer when judging someone. The peer interview was an introduction to what I was compelled to do next.

     The Film Critique was one of the most difficult papers for me this year. Although I struggled to reach a conclusion, I was surprised to reach an end so fulfilling. The purpose of the paper was to critique a film from ancient history with a more analytical approach. The Mummy was the movie of choice. There were many aspects that covered a historical approach which allowed me to expand on the things that were already shared in the film. The film critique helped me to look at the movie with a whole new viewpoint. I discovered things that I would have never thought of before. I was able to understand the history of ancient Egypt while understanding that every part of the film was not deemed to be true. Through completing this critique I learned that simply watching a movie may enhance the way you think as well as look at things.

      The last and most complicated task I had to accomplish in English Composition this semester was most defiantly the Cultural Analysis. I have never in my life had to write a paper with these specific directions. An analysis was absolutely new to me; my writing history can only show a host of reports. The analysis is what contributed to my growth as a writer the most abundantly. After this assignment the language of my essays has changed. There is deeper meaning in everything I write about and there is most defiantly a purpose for each sentence. My past and present papers can be compared in no kind of way. There is honestly a reason to why I write now. My past can most defiantly not reflect a true meaning in my writings because there was no focus or important conclusion I was forced to accommodate.

     In conclusion, the focus of the WISE program was to improve my writing skills in a way that were noticeable. I improved more than expected and I regret nothing about this semester. Although there were times when I felt like I was not involved in a class with as much writing, I felt a valuable feeling of accomplishments by being a part of it. There were numerous of times when I didn’t know how I would see my way through the next paper. I can doubtlessly say this has most defiantly prepared me for my future career plans. This will not only help me with the job I am preparing myself to have but it will also help with the classes I have to take, in order to accomplish this long term goal. The WISE program has been a long and difficult journey. It has brought me from my lowest writing moments to the best a have accomplished thus far. I am most defiantly glad I took the course. I am no less than sure this will serve to be exceedingly beneficial.


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